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Yugioh Card

In the Monsters Duellists of Yu-Gi-Oh!, two players face in an entire battle, in a Game consisting of three Duels. There will be needed skill, practice, strategy and luck to emerge victoriously of the struggle, since there are several factors that the players can manipulate to clean his enemy out. The principal battles are supported by incredible monsters split into 20 amazing types, each one with their own skills and styles of struggle. Also, the players can use magic, put pitfalls, change the same battlefield: and even to fuse two monsters to form the new one of immense power!
The target of the CARD GAME COLECCIONABLES Yu-Gi-Oh! it is to gain Game your adversary.A Game is composed by 3 Duels. To every battle of letters against an adversary in which there decides a victory, a defeat or a tie, it is named a Duel. VICTORY The player that: • is the first one in gaining 2 Duels in Game Or • obtains 1 victory and WINNER is declared 2 ties. TIE If the results of the Duels are: • 1 victory, 1 defeat and 1 tie O • 3 ties the Game is considered to be a TIE. Yugioh Card
The result of a Duel is decided in accordance with the following Official Rules: • Every player begins a Duel with 8000 Life Points (Vida's Points).• Life Points diminishes as result of the calculation of damage after the battle (to see Damage Step), p.30.You gain a Duel if you reduce 0 Life Points of your adversary. If your adversary reduces 0 your Life Points, YOU lose!• If you and your adversary they come to 0Yugioh Card Life Points at the same time: the duel is declared a TIE!• If any of the Mallets of the players remains without letters during a Duel, the first player who could not steal a letter is considered to be LOSING. Having this present, a good duellist must do that every letter is important.• If in any moment of the Duel you have the following letters in your hand, instantaneously you gain the Duel:• Right Leg of the Prohibited one• Right Arm of the Prohibited one• Left Leg of the Prohibited one• Left Arm of the Prohibited one• Exhates, the Prohibited one Yugioh Card

Preparation of your MalletIt is Mallet of Beginning contains all the letters that you need to defy an adversary. Next you will find basic rules to prepare your Deck: • The Mallet that is used for the duel must contain a minimum of 40 letters. Out of this minimal limit, your Mallet can have so many letters as you want.• In addition to your Mallet, also you can have 15 additional letters in a separated Mallet known as the Mallet of Support. The Mallet of Support allows you to modify your Mallet so that he adapts himself better to your strategy during a Party.• Between Duels, you can change any letter of your Mallet of Support into any letter into your Mallet, whenever you end with the same quantity of letters that had your Mallet on having begun the Party.• The Mallet of Support must have exactly 15 letters to the beginning of a Party. In other words, if you do not have enough letters to create a Mallet of Support of 15 letters, you will not be able to use any type of Mallet of Support. IT NOTICES: This card of beginning contains 50 letters, therefore you will need 5 more letters to create a Mallet of Support.• In any Party, the Deck and the Mallet of Support cocktails cannot contain any more than 3 copies of the same letter. Also you have to bear in mind the Prohibited and Limited Letters (p.35).
PlayIn accordance with the Official Rules, a Yugioh Card Duel develops of the following form: • , before beginning a Duel, he greets your adversary with a friendly hug of hands.• Both players shuffle his respective mallets and they give them to his adversary so that it cuts it (to this it is called him To cut the Mallet). The Mallets are returned to his respective owners and they put themselves on mouth below in the corresponding Areas of the Yugioh Card Mallet in the Board of Game.• , on having used Letter (s) of Monster of Merger, mouth places it (s) letter (s) below in the Area of the Mallet of Merger of the Board of Game. A Mallet of Merger is a letter or a group of letters that only contain Monsters of Merger formed by the merger of 2 or more monsters during a Duel (Monsters of Merger), p.10.IT NOTICES:. The letters in the Mallet of Merger are not counted inside the minimal limit of 40 letters of the Mallet.• Show to your adversary that your Mallet of Support contains exactly 15 letters (the letters can tell themselves mouth below). When you change letters of your Mallet of Support into letters of your Mallet, it counts again, along with your adversary, the letters of your Mallet of Support to verify that the Mallet keeps on having the same quantity of letters.• decides who begins in the first Duel in a Party throwing a currency to the air. The player who gains the throwing of the currency decides if it will be the first or the second. For the remaining Duels of Divided, the loser of the previous Duel decides who begins first. If the previous Duel ended in tie, it turns to throw a currency to decide who begins in the following Duel.• Finally, every player steals 5 letters of the top part of his respective mallets. Once both players have 5 letters in the hand, it begins the Duel, continuing the Laws of the game, p.22. Before learning Yugioh Card how it advances a shift in Yu-Gi-Oh! JCC, it is important to know thoroughly the Board of Game and the letters of the game wedding invitation. To understand how it works every letter will help you to plan your strategies to guarantee that you take the victory of the party!Yugioh Card
Manners in the Duel

On having faced an adversary, he remembers the following codes of conduct:• always Declares every action aloud and egg white before executing it. • Yugioh Card Your adversary has right to know the content of your Cemetery and the quantity of letters in your hand. If he asks you, you are forced to answer the truth. • never touch a letter of the adversary without asking for permission earlier.


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